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Slider Didgeridoo

We highly recommend The Slider Didgeridoo to beginner and advanced players alike. Beginners can try out different keys to help get their first tone. There is also excellent backpressure for learning to circular breathe. It has exceptional vocals and full range harmonics for an intense sound. Advanced players will love the sound quality and versatility of being able to match pitch with anyone's didgeridoo. Our exclusive locking feature ensures that you won't fall out of pitch while jamming.

The Slider allows you to change pitch while playing! It is easy to play, light, compact, and durable! Superior sound quality due to its heavy duty large bore construction and 4.5" bell. Pitch changes are achieved with a unique seal for smooth airtight slide action. A quick lock feature allows hands free locking of the slider in any key position. The Slider plays through the 6 most popular keys of the didgeridoo F,E,D,C,B,and A. Satisfaction guaranteed.



Click the product photo below to see even more information on the Slider Didgeridoo.  Our Slider Didgeridoo is available in different hand painted designs: