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Slider Didgeridoo with FREE DVD and Booklet

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Product Description

We highly recommend our slider didgeridoo for beginner, intermediate and advanced players alike. It has superior sound quality due to its heavy duty large bore construction and 4.5" bell.  It plays the 8 most popular keys of the didgeridoo F (fully collapsed), E (1st black mark), D# (1st red mark), D (2nd black mark), C# (2nd red mark), C (3rd black mark), B (4th black mark), and Bb/A (5th red mark is about Bb or A depending on players lip/air pressure). If precise tuning is needed please use a chromatic tuner to check slide position as it can vary from player to player. You can use a permanent pen to mark each note of the slide for your personal settings.

Easy to play, light, compact and durable! Beginners can try out different keys to help get their first tone. There is also excellent backpressure for learning to circular breathe. It has exceptional vocals and full range harmonics for an intense sound. Advanced players will love the sound quality and versatility of being able to match pitch with anyone's didgeridoo. Our exclusive locking feature ensures that you won't fall out of pitch while jamming.  It also allows you to change pitch while playing!  Pitch changes are achieved with a unique seal for smooth airtight slide action.



  • 1 Slider Didgeridoo with the design of Kangaroo, Gecko, or Lizard.
  • Instruction booklet on How to Play Didgeridoo.
  • FREE 2 hour long jam packed DVD with many in depth didgeridoo exercises and playing methods.

Brand new instrument - ready to play out of the box. Satisfaction guaranteed.



UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail is between $14 - $21 (depending on your state) for 4-7 day delivery. 2 and 3 day Express delivery is available if you need it in a hurry!



Key:  F, E, D#, D, C#, C, B, Bb/A
Top (outer):
Bell (outer):
 50" - 80"
Experience level:
 beginner, intermediate, advanced
 durable plastic
Backpressure: fivestarbc2.jpg
Harmonics: fivestarbc2.jpg
Vocals: fourhalfstarbc2.jpg
Volume: fourhalfstarbc2.jpg
Overall Rating: fourhalfstarbc2.jpg


Backpressure: the resistance of air you feel from the inside of a didgeridoo while you are playing it. Usually small diameter tubes have more backpressure and large diameter tubes have less. Good backpressure allows you to circular breathe more easily and be efficient with your air flow.

Harmonics: the didgeridoo has a fundamental key. Harmonics are higher frequencies found within the fundamental key. They can be manipulated by the placement of your tongue while playing. For example, while playing the didge position your tongue like saying the letter "e", but do not use your vocal cords. This will create a harmonic.

Vocals: vocal response is the ability of the didgeridoo to project sound from your vocal cords while playing the drone. Usually larger diameter didges have better vocal response than smaller diameter didges.

Volume: the amount of sound that is produced.


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Product Reviews

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  1. Great for the price. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th May 2015

    This is a great didge for the price. if you are just learning it is nice to be able to change keys and get an understanding of the different backpressures and how they effect playing and breathing. this is built well and feels solid. the rubber mouthpiece has a nice feel as well. the didge slider tube has marks where the different keys are.

    my favorite thing about this didge is how nice the vocals pour out of the flared bell. if i am playing a drone and do a sudden dog bark it will scare people around you. i can get it to project very well and very loud. the didge has 2 screws in it so you can tighten the slider and lock it into place or leave the screws loose and you can change keys as you play.

    from a sound quality standpoint it does not sound like wood cause it is not wood. to me this is the only downside. it has a slight honky plasticy types sound to it but if you don't know what a wood one sounds like this will not matter.

    if you are on the fence id say just try it cause it is a great didge for a great price.

  2. Awesome Instrument!!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th May 2015

    First off. Its Lightweight, Its made out of Strong Material. It Really gives You the opportunity to see what scales You like Best for playing. It Looks Nice. The Mouth piece is Perfect, w no need to shape, and is replaceable if needed. Well made Instrument for a Great Price! The CD instructional was Awesome! I totally Recommend & Will Buy more Products from this company. Thank You for the Surprise Didgeridoo U.S.A CD this Memorial Weekend.Its Awesome! I got choked up about the gift because Im a Former U.S. Marine. Thank You.

  3. It is pretty nice 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th May 2015

    This didge is beautiful. I can clearly hear the different keys. It sounds really nice. The only problem I had was with the mouthpiece. I couldn,t get to work at all. I put a wax mouthpiece on it but am still trying to get the perfect fit. Overall-a really nice instrument.

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